About Urgent Care Travel

UrgentCareTravel Brings Convenient and Affordable Healthcare to the Trucking Industry


In partnership with Pilot Flying J, the largest truck stop company in the country with over 700 locations, UrgentCareTravel owns and operates a network of medical clinics at Pilot Flying J truck stops. Drivers can now fuel, park their trucks, eat, take care of personal needs AND address their medical needs, all at the truck stop. With a growing network of walk-in medical clinics located along the major interstate highways, drivers can receive their needed medical services and get back on the road quickly, saving hours of downtime.

UrgentCareTravel provides medical services focused on the truck driver population, including:

  • Mandatory DOT Physicals and random drug screen services,
  • Personalized care plans for pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol,
  • Preventive care and primary care medical services,
  • Work-related injury services (first line of defense), including soft tissue, muscle pain and wound care, to help companies minimize their workers comp liability.

UrgentCareTravel packages all of its services in its Health Network, an affordable membership program for drivers, with individual and family plans (up to 5 family members).

UrgentCareTravel Addresses Today’s Critical Challenges in the Trucking Industry

  • Truck drivers do not have convenient access to medical clinics where they can park their truck.

The trucking industry loses over $400 Million in driver productivity per year as drivers spend an additional 4-6 hours off the road each time they need a medical service. Today, drivers need to park at a truck stop, take a taxi or uber to a local clinic, wait in line for their clinic service, then take a taxi or uber back to the truck stop.

  • Truck drivers have health challenges.

Over 50% of drivers have 1 or more serious medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol. Drivers with these pre-existing conditions must take and pass the federally mandated Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical at least once per year in order to be certified to receive their Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

  • A small percentage of truck drivers today have health insurance.

Those drivers who have health insurance face high deductibles, co-pays and premiums, which require $10,000 spent out of pocket before the insurance benefits start. These “catastrophic” health insurance policies do not cover the ongoing management of those pre-existing conditions experienced by drivers since medical services are not reimbursed until the policy’s deductible is reached.

With high insurance costs and no convenient truck parking, drivers visit clinics less often, their conditions worsen and they miss more work days.

  • 4. Unhealthy drivers are a major contributor to the high turnover rate in the industry.

Drivers with pre-existing conditions who do not receive regular medical treatment see their conditions worsen, eventually leading them to leave the trucking industry. With turnover rates upwards of 100%, company profitability decreases as the average recruiting cost is $7,000 per driver.

Drivers Need to Think of Their Health Like They Maintain Their Truck

Why do drivers do regular maintenance (engine checks, tire changes, oil changes) on their trucks?
–> To Prevent Expensive Truck Breakdowns

Why do drivers need regular / follow-up clinic visits to maintain and improve their health?
–> To Prevent Expensive Health Breakdowns

In both cases, if a driver is off the road due to mechanical or health breakdowns, he is not earning income and may lose his job.

Drivers need convenient access to preventive and primary care services to monitor their health and identify medical issues that could impact their license to drive (DOT certification).

Drivers with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol need personalized Care Plans to manage and treat their medical conditions.

UrgentCareTravel’s Affordable Health Network for Companies and Drivers

With individual and family plans (up to 5 family members) starting at only a cup of coffee per day, Health Network is an affordable health plan that includes:

  • DOT Physicals and drug screens,
  • Work-related injury services, including soft tissue, muscle pain and wound care,
  • Personalized Care Plans for hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and more,
  • Preventive and primary care services

With Health Network:

  • All in-clinic services are no co-pay / no deductible, thus no out-of-pocket costs,
  • Health Network members may visit any clinic in the UrgentCareTravel network,
  • Members’ health records are available at any UrgentCareTravel clinic as UrgentCareTravel employs an electronic health records system,
  • There are no restrictions to Health Network membership based on pre-existing conditions or age.

Health Network benefits companies and drivers in multiple ways:

  • Drivers receive the medical services and personalized care plans needed for their pre-existing conditions, thereby making them healthier and able to stay on the road,
  • Driver retention improves as healthier drivers are happier and more loyal drivers,
  • Driver productivity increases in two ways: convenient clinics minimize driver downtime and time off the road, while healthier drivers miss less days of work,
  • Work-related injury services limit a company’s workers comp liability as this first line of defense addresses minor work injuries (soft tissue, muscle pain, wounds) and keeps drivers on the road.

UrgentCareTravel’s Clinic Network

UrgentCareTravel’s medical clinic network at Pilot Flying J truck stops is expanding across the major interstate highways to meet the healthcare needs of trucking companies and their driver.

2018 will see at least 10 new clinics open during the year, adding to the clinics already in operation, bringing the total to 16, with 8 new clinics planned each of the following 3 years, bringing the total to 40 clinics.