UrgentCareTravel Telemedicine-based Driver Coronavirus Evaluation Service

Below are steps on how to request a Coronavirus evaluation service using VSee Messenger, a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform.

Instructions for Drivers to Install and Activate a VSee Messenger Account

♦  Call the nearest UCT clinic location to request a COVID-19 evaluation service.  Provide the clinic with your e-mail address – the clinic will then send an “invite” to your e-mail address.

♦  Check your e-mail and open the e-mail from VSee.  “Accept” the invite to begin the process of setting up the video telemedicine service.

♦  Follow the instructions to create an account (first name, last name, password) and install VSee Messenger.

♦  Start VSee Messenger and log in (The VSee icon is a green square with a “V”).

♦  To request a telemedicine evaluation, click “Contacts”, find the UCT clinic that sent you the invitation (Under “New Contacts”), click on the text/chat icon and send a message to that clinic requesting the evaluation. The clinic will respond and initiate a video call with you.

Optional:  Drivers can download our Patient Registration Form to know in advance what information our clinic staff will need in order  to provide an evaluation service.    

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