UrgentCareTravel Telehealth Services

In an effort to better serve our patients in an even more convenient manner, UrgentCareTravel (or UCT Health) is now offering Telehealth services where patients can access our providers through video via their mobile phone or computer to discuss their health needs. Use our Telehealth services for Covid-19 testing and much more. It is EASY to use!

STEP 1.   Contact any of our clinics by phone and let them know you would like to use this feature. Let them know when you need an appointment and they will be glad to get it set up for you – same day if needed in most cases.  Click here to see a list of our clinic locations and phone numbers.  

STEP 2.   Make sure you have your email address and cell number to give to the person setting up the appointment.

STEP 3.  Once appointment is set up, you will receive a notification prior to your visit in both your email as well as a text with a link to connect for your visit. Our clinic staff will walk you through these steps to get you connected.

We look forward to taking care of your healthcare needs inside of our clinics or via telehealth – whichever way is most convenient for you!

UrgentCareTravel is OPEN for business and is COMMITTED to providing the medical services truck drivers while they’re on the road.